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Have peace of mind knowing your pet will be well taken care of by our pet professionals in our state of the art climate controlled boarding areas where there are many spacious and comfortable suites to choose from. They will enjoy outside time in our 7,000 square feet turf and grass space whether they choose to play or lounge around. At bedtime, we provide cots, blankets, soothing music and relaxing scents to help your pet feel calm and relaxed.

Pawsitive requires 24 hour notice for reservations (excluding weekends and holidays). We also require your pet's current vaccinations on file and dog's must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age and have an assessment prior to them boarding. 

What We Offer

Dog Boarding

Rates listed are for single occupancy per night and boarding includes daycare; daycare consists of up to 7 hours of exercise time. ($25 value).

Comfy $35 / night
Comfortable 4x8 suites.

Roomy $40 / night
Roomy 5x8 suites.

Luxury Suite $60 / night
Luxury 8x8 and 10x8 suites.

Deluxe Suite $70 / night
Spacious and comfortable 8.5x15 suite.

Discounted Rate for 2nd, 3rd or 4th dog lodging together in the same suite is $30 per dog per night.

Boarding includes daycare; daycare consists of up to 7 hours of exercise time. ($25 value)

Cat Boarding

While boarding your cat at Pawsitive, they will enjoy a 3-level suite and a spacious cat playground.

One cat = $17

DISCOUNT for Second and third cat in same 3-level suite = $10 each.
($7 discount for 2nd & 3rd cat)

*Dog Assessment

A one-time assessment of your dog is required before you can enroll them into Daycare or Boarding.  

We will evaluate your dog's play styles, behavior in different situations, and temperament and place them in the group that matches these criteria along with their age and size.

Initial Dog Assessment $25
A full day of Group Play Daycare is included.

We require your pet's current vaccinations on file and dog's must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Dog's must have an initial assessment prior to them boarding. 

Call us with questions.


Treats available for boarding dogs.

Kong w/ Peanut Butter $5

Seasonal Treats $5

Summer: frozen treats; winter: healthy chews


Additional services for boarding dogs.          15 minutes each.

Full Body Brush $10

Cuddle Time $10

Individual Play Time $10

Individual Training $10


Additional services like; grooming and bathing and Fun Add On's like the Birthday Pawty Bundle and Themed Craft Project, can be added on through your Customer Portal or ask and we'll add them! 

Birthday Pawty Bundle ($20) includes:
  Pupcake (yummy treat)
  Picture (emailed & posted to social media) 
  Birthday bandanna
  Birthday gift (treats or a toy)
  Bubble play (playing in bubbles)
  Extra birthday loves & pets!

Themed Craft Project ($7) includes:
  A themed craft project
  Enjoy treats while creating it
  Plenty of pictures
  The completed project sent home for you
  to enjoy!


Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours (Business Hours)
M-F    7am - 9am or 3pm - 6pm
Sat   9am - 12pm

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours (*After Business Hours)
9am-12pm or *4pm-5pm
Sun    *11am-12:30pm or *4pm-5pm


*Additional fee's apply to Drop-Off & Pick-Up Before & After Business Hours
and **Pickup after 12:00pm (for Boarding)
Same Day reservations.
(Pawsitive requires 24 hour notice n order for us to
verify reservation capacity, schedule staff and ensure
your pet’s current vaccinations are on file).

*Before & After Business Hours Drop-Off & Pick-Up Fee:
*Boarding Pick-Up after 12:00pm Fee (Half Day of Daycare fee): $15.
*Boarding or Daycare same day reservation Fee: $10

**A new BOARDING day starts at 12:00pm.

Medication Administration - Pawsitive reserves the right to charge a fee for medication administration.

General medications up to 5 pills  - FREE
Administration of Insulin with a Needle - 1x a day $4.50, 2x a day $8
Administration of CBD Treats or Drops - 1x a day $2, 2x a day $4

**Don't Forget about our Convenient Transportation Services**

All transportation is within a 20-mile radius

Round Trip - $40
Drop Off -  $25
Pick Up   -  $25

Check out our transportation options

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