Pet Care Associate

The Pet Care Associate will be interacting with dogs, cats, and people. They will be responsible for any area they are assigned.

General Summary of Job

The Pet Care Associate is responsible for supervision of the daycare and boarding dogs and/or cats, work the daily operation of tasks within their assigned area to ensure proper and safe care of all animals in accordance with company policies and procedures. Serve as back-up to other areas as needed. Work with dogs or cats in daycare playgroups.  Review board reports to ensure pets are eating and eliminating properly. 

Primary Duties

  1. Dog Daycare
        • Assign dogs to appropriate play group based on records in the software
        • Supervise your assigned play groups and administer their activity schedule during your assigned shift
        • Ensure proper dog introduction procedures are followed
        • Monitor dog or cat interaction throughout shift watching for stress signals & adjust playgroups as needed
        • Ensure proper supervision of playgroups and safety of play
        • Monitor and carry out properly, dog correction methods
        • Ensure feeding and medications are timely administered
        • Identify dogs that require additional training
  2. Review boarding sleepover reports & dog and cat profiles
  3. Create & maintain dog & cat profiles and report cards
  4. Ensure rooms are properly set-up for scheduled arrivals
  5. Coordinate dog and cat check in’s and check out’s
  6. Other duties as assigned

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required

  • 16 years of age
  • High school graduate or GED preferred
  • Good oral & written communication skills
  • Polite & Positive
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