Dog Daycare is available in Full and Half days, M-F 8:00am to 4:00pm. 
Daycare Full Day  $25
Daycare Half Day AM or PM 

Dog Daycare is a great alternative to leaving your dog home alone.  Our specially trained staff will care for your dog in a fun and safe environment where dogs will socialize with other dogs, as well as get plenty of exercise and attention. Every dog has been pre-screened and behavior tested before being able to play with other dogs ensuring everyone has a great time! 

What is required:

  1. Must be current on vaccinations: Bordatella, Distemper, Rabies.
  2. Spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.
  3. For the safety of the pet and staff, we require an initial one time day of daycare where we do an assessment on your pet. We introduce the pet to the facility and staff, let them get used to the sights,  sounds and smells and then we assess their play style and finally introduce them to a group of dog's that match their behavior and play style.
  4. Reservations require 24 hour notice so we can verify current vaccinations and have adequate staff scheduled for the day.

What We Offer

Daycare Group Play

Daycare Group Play for your dog consists of a full day with groups of up to 15 dogs, same size and play style. The dogs will have off leash play and rest sessions throughout the day and be monitored by our highly trained pet care professional.

Daycare Group Play Full Day  $25
Daycare Group Play Half Day AM or PM 

Full Day drop-off time and pick-up times: 
    Drop-off time: 7:00am-9:00am
    Pick-up time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Half Day AM drop-off and pick-up times:
    Drop-off time: 7:00am-9:00am
    Pick-up time:  11:00am-12:00pm

Half Day PM drop-off and pick-up times:
Drop-off time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
    Pick-up time:    4:00pm-5:30pm

Daycare One-on-One

Daycare One-on-One is perfect for the dog who needs individual attention. These full day one-on-one sessions are convenient for a senior dog or for a dog who's just had minor surgery and the pet parent needs to get back to work. They will spend their day being closely monitored by our pet professionals.

Daycare One-on-One  $55
: Full day with one-on-one  attention. 

Add On's

Birthday Pawty Bundle  $20

Pupcake (yummy dog treat)
Picture (emailed to you & posted on social media)
Birthday Bandana
Birthday Gift
Bubble play (play in bubbles)
Extra birthday loves & pets

Craft Project  $7

Your pet will create and enjoy:

  • A craft project created by your pet
  • Enjoy treats while creating it
  • Plenty of pictures
  • The completed project will be sent home for you to enjoy!

How to know if Daycare is right for your dog

The decision to incorporate Dog Daycare as one of the services at Pawsitive, is the result of collecting data, attending conferences on the latest dog behavior studies, help and input from the industry dog experts 'The Dog Gurus', and other pet service business owners. Group play stemmed from the fact that dogs are pack animals and very social by nature. However, only about 40% of dogs are suited for a group play setting. Here are the types of dogs we see in daycare:

The People Dog

These dogs do not enjoy the company of other dogs. They may even try to start some trouble if they come too close to other dogs. They fulfill their pack needs with humans.

The Wallflower

These dogs don't mind other dogs but, would prefer not to be in a crowd with them. A lot of these dogs end up in group settings simply because they tolerate the group. They usually hang out by themselves or choose a corner of the play space to make camp in. They're not there to make trouble but they're not really having a great time.

The High Drive Dog

Throw the ball! No one else in this group matters but the ball! These dogs may even be protective of their ball or toy and not appreciate others getting involved in their game. A high drive dog may also turn their group play setting into a game or challenge.

The Every-Dog-Is-My-Friend Dog

These dogs are very social within their own species. They love every dog they meet and share their space and toys well. Their preferred energy outlet is romping around with their friends. They listen other dog's social cues and have strong cues of their own.

The I'm Working On Myself Dog

We see many dogs that are under socialized with people and other dogs. These dogs are working on themselves by learning how to control impulse, emotions, or even learn dog social cues.

The Lounger

These dogs prefer to lounge in the comfort of their own space and watch the activities of the day happen.

Just like people, every dog has a unique personality. Those listed above are the most common types that we see. To ensure your dog benefits from their daycare experience here at Pawsitive, each dog will be individually assessed and our educated and experienced team will recommend which daycare program fits their personality type and they would enjoy most.

Group Play

Daycare Group Play for your dog consists of a full day with groups of up to 15 dogs the same size and play styles. The dogs will be with our trained pet professionals and will have a day with friends, toys, and exercise.


Daycare One-on-One is perfect for the dog who needs individual attention and space by themselves. Each dog will enjoy relaxing in their own space or with one of our pet professionals.

These full day one-on-one sessions are convenient for a senior dog, for dogs who have had minor surgery and the pet parent needs to get back to work or for the dog who doesn't enjoy group play.

Reminder: Before a dog can be enrolled into Daycare or Boarding, they must have current vacinations and complete their Initial Dog Assessment. All dogs are required to be spayed or neutered.

Initial Dog Assessment is $25 and includes: Assessment and full day of Group Play Daycare in the group that fits their personality style.

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