Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

We understand the overwhelming sorrow from losing a family pet. Pawsitive Pet Cremation is a family-owned pet crematory that provides loving, professional, and dignified pet cremation services.

Call us to discuss your options for your furry family member; 712-944-5414.


PRIVATE 0-50lb $135

  • 51 – 120LB $195
  • 121 – 200LB $235
  • 201LB & UP $350

SEMI-PRIVATE 0 – 300LB $110

Partial, commingled ashes returned

CREMATION 0 – 300LB $100

No ashes returned
Ashes are loving sprinkled in our Pet Memorial area.

Professional · Dignified · Loving

It’s hard to say goodbye to our furry family members. We handle the details with professionalism, dignity and loving attention.

All cremains are returned to you in a complimentary container of either a white or gray urn or one of our beautiful velvet urn bags, usually within 7 to 10 business days. Available in our retail area are a small selection of beautiful and different sized urns and pet memorial jewelry. Christy-Smith Funeral Home on Morningside Avenue in Sioux City has some beautiful pet memorial items as well.

For added convenience, we will pick up your deceased pet for free from local veterinarians or you can make arrangements to bring them to our facility by calling us at 712-944-5414.

Call us to discuss details and we will guide you through the process. We deliver the cremains to your home for a small fee and within a 20-mile radius. Transportation is scheduled in advance with you and is available Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. Special arrangements for transportation can be made in advance for the weekend based on your availability and the availability of our staff.

To arrange for transportation, call our office M-F 8:00am – 4:00pm; 712-944-5414


I grew up with dogs, cats and a variety of other animals. Having a family dog around while growing up and with my own family, showed me how they love unconditionally and taught me many life lessons. One of the most difficult life lessons has been how to cope with the death of our beloved pets. I learned at a young age that pets are integral parts of the family and the pain we feel when we lose them is real.

Pawsitive Pet Cremation was started due to a negative experience with my own pet. My goal is to have other pet owners have a positive experience with the loss of their pets.

We are committed in providing you with a dignified, respectful, and ethical farewell for your pet. You have my personal assurance that every pet in my care is treated as if it were my own. We are more than happy to assist you throughout the entire process.

Warmest Regards,