Cremation Options

Cremation Options

Private Cremation

Our Private Cremation services allow one pet only during the cremation process ensuring your pet is cremated respectfully and guarantees that the remains you receive are only those of your pet. Included with this service is a certificate of cremation with your pets name and date.

Semi-Private Cremation

Our Semi-Private Cremation service is a cremation procedure where more than one pet’s body is present in the cremation chamber with each pet being partitioned from the other pet’s. All pets are cremated respectfully. However, due to a number of factors and by virtue of multiple pets being cremated within the same unit at the same time, active commingling of cremated remains will occur.

Cremation – No Ashes Returned

A dignified and less expensive option for the pet owner who chooses to have their pet cremated and not have the cremains returned to them. The pet is cremated humanely, professionally and with dignity.

Additional Options


Preparing in advance for the death of your pet is wise and thoughtful. Planning ahead gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to make these critical decisions during a difficult time or immediately following the passing of your pet. Pre-planning discussions are free and can easily be scheduled through the website or by calling our office, 712-944-5414.


We will pick up your pet from your local veterinarian office and transport the body lovingly to our facility for the cremation service. This service is provided free of charge.

Transportation service area within a 20-mile radius. Additional mileage fees do apply for anything outside of the service area.