Lodging Requirements

What’s Required For My Pet’s
Boarding and Daycare Reservation?

  1. A one-time assessment of your dog is required before they can Board or enroll into Daycare.
  2. Up-to-date vaccinations are required to be on file BEFORE your pet lodges or attends daycare with us.
      • DOGS: Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies
      • CATS: Rabies, FeLV, FVRCP, and FIV
    • Staff will CALL your pet’s veterinarian for verification of your pet’s vaccination records.
    • Customers can take a picture of their pet’s vaccination records and attach them to an email and send them to: pawsitivepetsinfo@gmail.com
    • Customers can upload their pet’s vaccination records directly into their customer portal.
  3. Puppies must be 16 weeks (4 Months Old) of age and have all vaccinations fully administered.
  4. All dogs must be on a monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventative.
  5. Please make your pet’s Reservation 24-hours in advance. By doing this, you can avoid waitlists and Pawsitive has adequate time to verify vaccinations and it ensures we have adequate staff scheduled for the day to care for your pet.


Initial Dog Assessment $35 (Offered M-Th)
A full day of Daycare is included.

A one-time assessment of your dog is required before they can Board or enroll into Daycare.

During the assessment, we will evaluate your dog’s play style, behavior in different situations and temperament with staff and other dogs, all to determine what your dog is most comfortable with, so every pet can have a safe and fun experience.

Our Daycare assessments are not pass or fail. We will discuss the evaluation day and recommend the Daycare Program that sets your pup up for a successful visit and a well-balanced day of play.

Initial Dog Assessment $40
(Weekend and Special or Emergent Circumstances)
If a weekend assessment or special circumstances require you to board your pet and you have no time to schedule an assessment prior to their boarding stay, contact us to discuss details. Prearranged in advance, based on availability of space and staff.

With any service at Pawsitive, we require your pet’s current vaccinations on file, puppies are required to be 16 weeks of age or older and have all vaccinations fully administered, and dog’s must have an initial assessment prior to them boarding or attending daycare.

Only spayed or neutered boarding dogs are allowed to participate in Group Daycare. We do have alternative ways they can participate in exercise and play, ask us for details about our Enrichment Daycare. Call us; 712-944-5414.

Unaltered pets up to 1-year of age, are allowed to participate in Group Daycare. After 1-year of age, unaltered dogs can engage in Enrichment Daycare while they are here. Learn more about the benefits of Enrichment Daycare for your pet!

**Boarding stays are 24-hour; starting at 12:00 pm on the first day to 12:00 pm the next day. A new Boarding day starts at 12:00 pm (like a hotel)**